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Automatic Shirodhara Machine (ASU) - REGULAR  

To meet the increasing demands around the world and ensure sustainability of authentic Ayurveda and its therapies, we have developed special purpose machine “Automatic Shirodhara Unit” (ASU) for Ayurvedic treatments.
“Automatic Shirodhara Unit” (ASU) is electronic and digitally controlled fully integrated device for perfect smooth Shirodhara to get 100 % result. ASU is an electronic device that promises to bring revolution in traditional methodology of Ayurveda therapy Shirodhara.

To overcome various drawbacks in traditional method of Shirodhara and considering importance and efficacy of Shirodhara treatment, the “Automatic Shirodhara Unit”(ASU) has been designed with various unique features.

Unique features of Automatic Shirodhara Unit (ASU)
  • Unique Features of Automatic Shirodhara Unit (ASU)
  • Portable and User-friendly.
  • Easy to install, just plug and play.
  • Microprocessor based ’Digital Temperature Controller’ to maintain the temperature of ‘Shirodhara’ fluid precisely.
  • Microprocessor based ’Digital Timer’ to set desirable ‘Shirodhara’ time span.
  • Constant flow regulator.
  • Low noise and hence enhances efficacy of the treatment.
  • Compatible with five different viscous fluids viz. Oil, Milk, Butter milk, Kashaya and Water.
  • Low power consumption. ASU can operate on UPS, Inverter & Generator etc.
  • Pendulum type/ static movement in head unit oscillations.
  • Makes ‘Shirodhara’ enjoyable in more relaxes way.
  • Any common table can be used for ‘Shirodhara’ & need not require special ‘Droni’ (Massage Table)
Technical Specifications of Automatic Shirodhara Unit (ASU)
Operating Voltage : 230 VAC, 50 Hz / 110 VAC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption : Approx. 600 W / Hr.
Temperature Setting : Dual Display with ‘Set’ and ‘Actual’ readings with accuracy of +/- 2 degree C / F.
Time setting : Dual Display with ‘Timer’ in descending order.
Duration of Timer : 0 to 60 Minutes, Variable.
Container Capacity : Teflon coated container with 2.2 Ltr. capacity.
Warm Up Time : 7-8 Minutes Approx.
Inlet Valve : To collect & filter returned fluid from Collection Tray.
Drain Outlet : To drain used fluid from the container.
Size of base Unit : 450 mm (L) x 225 mm (H) x 220 mm (D).
Head Unit Oscillation : 15 – 20 Cycles per Minute.
Mounting Stand : Tripod stand for support. Adjustable knobs at the bottom.
Height of Stand : Four feet. (Required space for stand: 2 Sq. Ft.)
Head Unit T Clamp : Six inches adjustable in X, Y, Z directions as per requirement.
On/Off Switch : To On/Off ‘Temperature’, ‘Timer’ and ‘Oscillations’ of Head Unit
Direction For Use  
  • Assemble the Base Unit, Collection Tray & Head Unit according to instructions.
  • Adjust the height of Head Unit flow outlet. Standard height is 3-4 inches from forehead of the person lying down on ‘Shirodhara’ table. Fix the Head Unit accordingly.
  • Fill the ‘Shirodhara fluid’ (Oil / Milk / Kashaya / Water etc.) in the container of Base Unit.
  • Fix the outlet of collection tray to the inlet of the container of Base Unit.
  • Select required temperature for particular fluid & switch on ‘Temp. On’ switch.
  • Wait/observe until the fluid temp. reaches desirable selected temp.
  • Select/Set required time for ‘Shirodhara’ treatment & switch on ‘Timer On’ switch.
  • Switch on the head unit switch to get pendulum action.
  • Enjoy ‘ASU’ Shirodhara.
  • If you wish to remove or change the fluid from container, turn the outlet knob on the base unit and collect the fluid in another container.
  • Switch off “ASU’ after use.
Post Care & Maintenance  
  • Drain out the fluid from the container by turning the drain knob of base unit
  • With the help of the cloth or sponge wipe out the remaining fluid from the container
  • Close the drain knob and put one liter of warm soap water. Switch on the unit for 5minutes so that remaining fluid will get washed out
  • Turn the drain out knob on and drain the soap water
  • Again clean it with cloth or sponge

ASU (Ultra) is having all features and specifications of ASU (Regular) except one change in Head Unit. The fluid dispenser unit is covered by beautifully handmade copper pot. This pot gives traditional & aesthetic look for Shirodhara Unit and ASU looks traditional way.